The Plateau of the Endless – Page 30


Plateau (30)

Jack enters the GreenShaft and begins to descend by the ladder anchored inside.

What he does not realize is that there is a cunning trap concealed in the GreenShaft. His foot touches a certain rung of the ladder and suddenly the GreenShaft is filled with the sound of grinding gears. Jack scrambles to climb back up the ladder, but he is too far away. Panels spring open along the wall of the GreenShaft, exposing hollows inside designed to receive the rails and rungs of the ladder. The ladder draws inside the hollows, dislodging Jack and sending him sliding down the vertical shaft toward whatever fate awaits below. The panels snap shut as the ladder withdraws, leaving no purchase in the smooth metallic wall of the GreenShaft.

Jack plunges from the GreenShaft into a cavern filled to the ceiling with water.


Does Jack have Oxyale?

If so, turn to 16.

If not, turn to 37.