The Plateau of the Endless – Page 21


Plateau (21)

Fearghal slaps his knee and laughs with delight. 

“Aha! Old Stonefist! Well, yer in for it, lad! Hope ye can wrestle like Lug himself!”

Without further explanation, Fearghal and the other Dwarves hustle Jack up a series of FloatStone staircases to an upper level of the Dwarf Hall. There, standing guard over an impressive collection of gems, towers a huge Earth Elemental.

Fearghal pats Perilous Jack on the back. “Good luck, lad.”

Stonefist utters a dry rasping call like the sound of boulders shifting in loose soil and stretches long arms toward Jack. The Dwarves have taken his weapons, and it is questionable whether Jack has the strength to wrestle this monster, even with magical aid.

Still, the Dwarves have not taken the Pouch of Ghrul, which means Jack has other options . . .


If Jack has the Paper Fan and there is at least one Dragon left, you may choose to turn to 4.

If Jack has the Belt or Gauntlets of Gorodin, you may choose to turn to 11.

If Jack has a PowaShroom, you may choose to turn to 57.

If Jack has a Potion of Earth Body, you may choose to turn to 87.

If you think Jack should try wrestling Old Stonefist without magical aid, turn to 34.