The Plateau of the Endless – Page 14


Plateau (14)

The Sea Troll attacks immediately, lashing out at him with huge snapping claws. 

It is all Jack can do to get the Rune Sword back in its scabbard and dig the Coral Sword from the Pouch of Ghrul. The effort is worth the risk, however; once the magical blade of Cerpux Arsak is in his hand he knows he can win this fight. The Coral Sword supplements the fading effects of the Oxyale, allowing him to breathe freely underwater. In addition, he feels more buoyant and free; there is no resistance when he slashes his blade through the water. His first blow, aimed at one of the softer joints connecting the bony carapace of the Sea Troll, falls awry and strikes the carapace instead. To his surprise, the Coral Sword bites deeply, drawing blue-green blood from the wound.

It seems there is little need to aim with such care; the Coral Sword is highly effective against aquatic foes. The Sea Troll lashes out at him again with her terrible snapping claw, but Jack is ready. He ducks under the huge, horny claw and slashes upward with the Coral Sword, neatly severing the claw at the wrist. The Sea Troll emits a terrible shriek of pain and flails wildly away, clouding the water with her blood.

Her violent response to the injury was ill considered; the carnivorous Caribes, who have thus far watched from a distance, scent the blood in the water. Whatever devotion they may have felt for the Sea Troll they swiftly suspend in favor of their natural savagery. The Caribes dive in, snapping and tearing at the Sea Troll. Her armor is of little use against their terrible sharp fangs.

While the Caribes tear their former mistress apart, Jack slips quietly away and enters the GreenShaft. Just before he enters the Warp Portal glowing within the GreenShaft he notices a lock of the Mermaid’s green hair, shed during her transformation. Some instinct compels him to gather it and store it away in the Pouch of Ghrul.


Add the Mermaid’s Hair to the Pouch of Ghrul and turn to 40.