The Plateau of the Endless – Page 13


Plateau (13)

Perilous Jack, trying to forget the unsettling oddity of his surroundings, says “I’d like to see the standard adventurer’s fare.”

“Very well,” says Dr. Darr. From his vest, he draws a metal tablet with a glass or crystal screen set cunningly into the frame. On the screen is displayed an inventory of his store of potions. Jack is astonished at the quantities available, but only a little surprised that Darr’s pricing does not seem to reflect the ample stores he maintains. Still, Jack reflects, one is not likely to find bargains in the wilderness.

One item in Darr’s inventory catches Jack’s eye in particular: Oxyale! This rare potion enables the imbiber to breathe underwater for an extended period, varying by the strength of the brew. It is highly sought after by adventurers and arguably worth the steep price.


Purchase whatever you like from Dr. Darr. Don’t forget to add your purchases to the Pouch of Ghrul. When you finish shopping the ordinary wares, if you would like to view Dr. Darr’s unusual offerings, turn to 70.

Otherwise, turn to 65.