The Plateau of the Endless – Page 09


Plateau (9a)

Jack sets a strong pace, determined to take advantage of what little daylight remains. 

Soon he enters a region where ancient staircases litter the horizon, relics of the dead cities of the First Men. The city may be dead, but it is not empty – it has been claimed by Goblins! This foe is small threat, provided they cannot draw near enough to swarm him. He draws the Dancing Dagger of Danzibar to keep them at bay.

Nearly a dozen Goblins and a Gray Wolf fall to his blade before the plague subsides. He checks their purses and peeks into the GreenShaft from which the little monsters emerged.

Plateau (9b)

The GreenShaft is hollow and lined with a ladder. Jack emerges into a chamber containing ancient treasure, which the Goblins were evidently pillaging. Jack gathers 9 Gold from the room and returns to the surface and his journey.


The purses of the Goblins yield 144 Gold! Add this and the 9 Gold from the secret chamber to the Pouch of Ghrul.


Turn to 62.