The Plateau of the Endless – Page 07


Plateau (7)


The darkness has fully fallen by the time Jack sees movement on the horizon.

At first he thinks it must be a man he sees standing atop a distant GreenShaft, but he soon realizes that it is much too large to be a man – a Giant, then?

The light of moon and stars twinkle off the behemoth’s hide, and now he can see that the creature, whatever it is, is made of pure silver. He has never seen the like. It stands twice Jack’s height and moves with all the fluidity of flesh. This is not a clunky machine assembled of silver parts; it is a Golem, a living creature with flesh of precious metal. It is also huge and enormously muscled, with broad shoulders and overlong arms. Jack is doubtful he could best such a creature in a fight.

“Why do you approach?” asks the Silver Man in a beautiful, chiming voice.

“I wish to confer with the Dwarves,” says Perilous Jack. “I am told they may possess knowledge concerning the whereabouts of a Cloud Giant who holds captive a human maiden and her honor guard.”

“You must pay to pass this way,” the Silver Man says. “The cost is ten emeralds, of the largest size and greatest quality.”


“Very well,” says Perilous Jack. “I will pay to pass.” Turn to 31.

“I do not have that many gems,” says Perilous Jack. “I will return later.” Turn to 91.

“I will not pay,” says Perilous Jack. “Defend yourself!” Turn to 15.

Jack pulls ten Silver Coins from the Pouch of Ghrul and, holding the magical Giant’s Knucklebones in the other hand, offers them to the Silver Man. “Here are your Emeralds,” he lies. Turn to 42.