The Plateau of the Endless – Page 05


Plateau (5)

There is only a moment to spare! Jack slips silently inside the open door of Dr. Darr’s treasury while Darr and Dark Simon are absorbed in their argument.

His darkvision adjusts to the dimness within – and he gasps in disbelief. A glance is sufficient; he quickly withdraws.

Darr and Simon return, having noticed nothing. But Jack can barely conceal how shaken he is by what he has seen . . .


Add the following to Jack’s Journal: I have seen inside the hidden armory – there can be no other word – of Dr. Julian Darr. The chamber is filled with rows upon rows of Qliphoth – demonic machines dredged up from the darkest chambers of the Underworld. Such a force could conquer the Mushroom Kingdom – perhaps all of Malkat! What does Darr intend?


If Jack has not already browsed Dr. Darr’s standard adventurer’s fare, he may do so at 13.

Otherwise, it is time to leave. Turn to 65.