The Plateau of the Endless – Page 04


Plateau (4)

Dwarves, Jack reflects, are a no-nonsense race, more inclined toward blunt and decisive action than planning and posturing. 

They are likely to respect a swift victory. With this thought in mind, Jack draws the Paper Fan from the Pouch of Ghrul and flips it open even as the Earth Elemental stretches forth a powerful, gem-studded hand to grapple him.

The magic of the Fan is immediate and powerful. The Fan leaps from his hand and begins waving with blurring speed, instantly conjuring a powerful blast of wind that begins to tear at the substance of the Elemental. The impact on the Elemental is more than just simple wind; this is truly a battle of the elements. The spirit that animates the Fan must be a mighty Air Elemental; only such a creature would nurture so powerful a hatred for the opposing element.

In moments, the Fan tears the Earth Elemental to pieces, which collapse in a pile of broken stone and cracked gems. The Fan folds shut and drops into Jack’s hand. One of the Dragons painted on the fan has vanished.


Remove a Dragon from the Paper Fan. If the Fan has no more Dragons, it has lost its magic forever and Jack cannot use it again.


Jack turns to face the Dwarves with a smile of smug satisfaction on his face. He is surprised at the answering expressions – the Dwarves look more disapproving than impressed.

“Well, that was hardly necessary,” Fearghal Notchblade comments. “And not very sportsmanlike using a magic trinket like that. A Dwarf would have wrestled Old Stonefist bare-handed.” The Dwarf shrugs. “Ah, well. We’re not all Dwarves, are we? I suppose ye’ve proven yourself, at least. I’ll take ye to the King. Shame about Old Stonefist; he was well-liked here.”


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