The Magic Beans – Page 85



Perilous Jack and the Death Claw press deeper into Red Ghurka Territory.

The ruined architecture around them thickens, as they draw nearer to the center of the vast city that once sprawled in this place. They come to a plain dotted with numerous pyramids in various states of decrepitude. From the nearest emanates the deep-throated roars of a huge cat and the shrill exclamations of Goblin throats. Although Jack is already becoming weary of the alarms of this place, his curiosity gets the better of him. He drives Tynplyt up the side of the pyramid and peers over the edge.

Below is a low-ceilinged chamber perforated by four GreenShafts. Three of the pipes stand open; the fourth is capped. Of the three GreenShafts that are open to the sky, three are scarred and gouged as if by huge cat-claws or heavy chisels; one of these is also blackened by fire. Standing proud and furious among the GreenShafts is a huge cat with two horned heads, roaring its indignation at the sky. Staring the monster down, laughing and apparently unafraid, is a giant of a man with huge muscles. He flexes his massive biceps and gestures toward the two-headed cat, beckoning it to attack.

“Madness,” Jack mutters. “Come on, Tynplyt, let’s get out of here before it catches.”

The Death Claw leaps over the gap in the pyramid’s roof, scattering a mob of Goblin spectators, and bounds away.

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