The Magic Beans – Page 78



The GreenShaft contains a Warp Portal, which transports Perilous Jack to a cavern deep in the earth.

The cavern is cold and lightless; were it not for his darkvision Jack would be entirely blind. He is standing on a curious wooden platform, which levitates in the same manner as the alien metal of the Old Ones and the FloatStone of the First Men. How a perishable material like wood might have lasted the ages since such levitation was understood is a puzzle beyond Jack’s powers to solve. Neither is there time; hardly have his enchanted eyes accustomed themselves to near blackness, when suddenly a powerful coil of muscle wraps about his body and drags him mercilessly down into the lightless depths.

He struggles against the coil, realizing as his skin makes contact that he has fallen into the grip of a huge constrictor snake! Indeed, not one but two massive wedge-shaped heads rise above him now, one coral and one green, and gaze dispassionately at him as he strains to free a hand. The Rune Sword has fallen; now he has only the Dancing Dagger of Danzibar at his belt. With supreme effort, he manages to tug the dagger loose of its sheath and thrust it into the nearest coil.

The Green Boa vents a terrible hiss-scream and briefly loosens its coils, sending Jack tumbling onto the stone floor of the cave. Stunned by his fall, he can barely see to find his fallen sword. The huge Green Boa slithers across the floor of the cave toward him, hissing angrily. The creature is enormous – and it is upon him!

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