The Magic Beans – Page 75



Jack sneers at the Druid. “My thanks,” he growls, and hurls the Druid backward toward the pool.

Once, twice, thrice, he flings a fireball to detonate against the Druid’s chest. The man topples over backward, dead.

Jack turns back to the GreenShaft the Druid indicated, readying his next fireball to clear the Piranha Plants guarding the Warp Portal.

But his killing of the Druid proves a costly delay. The plant material surrounding him erupts into a single, towering sheet of flame. Jack falls back; there is no way he can reach the GreenShaft. Even the pool of water is no refuge; already the flames lick at the edges, raising steam and heating the pool. It seems Jack has two choices: to burn in the flames or boil in the water.

Either way, this is . . .


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