The Magic Beans – Page 56



Jack wastes no time with further conversation; if he is to succeed he will need to be fast.

He pops the PowaShroom in his mouth and immediately leaps aside, ducking and rolling to dodge the inevitable response from the Death Claw behind him. The construct’s grappling claws sail just over where his head had been an instant before. The magic of the mushroom grips him and Jack, more powerful now than ten men, leaps to his feet and grabs the chains connecting the Death Claw’s grapples as it tries to retract them. With a superpowered heave, he yanks the machine-man off its feet and sends it crashing into the Iron Claw behind it. Both constructs collapse in a deafening clangor of steel on steel.

Jack turns, intent on dealing with the wizard next, just in time to catch a powerful bolt of bitterly cold energy to the center of his chest. The wizard sends a glittering streamer of frost looping toward Jack, coiling around him like a powerful snake. The magic of the PowaShroom is no match for this deathly cold; he can feel all his strength slipping away along with the heat of his body.

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