The Magic Beans – Page 49



If the Dancing Dagger of Danzibar is ineffective against the Three-Headed Snake, surely the Rune Sword will be more successful?

So thinks Perilous Jack. Staking everything on the gamble, Jack draws his sword and steps within range of the striking heads of the Snake. He succeeds in buffeting aside the first few attacks, and even scores a solid hit upon a stout neck, which should half-sever the head from the body. But, as before, the weapon is useless.

Jack does not have much time to lament the failure of the Rune Sword – even as the nearest of the Snake’s heads shakes off the blow he just dealt it, another slips stealthily around his back and coils around his neck. He is caught off-guard and off-balance; it is only a second’s more work for the Three-Headed Snake to throw coils around his arms and legs. With the rest of his body well-braced, it is easy work for the Snake to break his neck.


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