The Magic Beans – Page 45



Perilous Jack grinds his teeth in frustration, but what choice does he have?

He does not know where the Druid keeps the Magic Beans, or even if he is powerful enough to defeat the Druid in battle – for truthfully, he has no idea how powerful the Druid really is. If the Druid thinks that Jack will refuse to obtain the Universal Solvent, then what is to stop him from simply killing Jack to take the Red Bead? Or infecting him with some kind of mind-control spore created by his plants? Reluctantly, Jack nods his head.

“I will seek the Universal Solvent, and in exchange for a vial of it and a Red Bead, you will give me enough Magic Beans to reach the castle of the Cloud Giant.”

“Agreed,” the Druid says, and Jack is relieved to see no sign of duplicity in the man’s eyes.

“Your journey will not be long or especially arduous,” the Druid says. “The place you seek is not far from here. From the southwest shore of Foldoron Lake travel directly west through the TowaShroom Forest until you encounter a pyramid. This marks the border of the terrain of the Red Ghurka tribe of Goblins. Doubtless you will have to fight your way through their territory. Continue straight west. Near the western border of Red Ghurka territory you will find a double moat of acid surrounding a small island. Cross the pool on the bricks until you reach the island in the center. On the island is a single GreenShaft, which is well guarded. Enter the GreenShaft and locate the pipe labeled with the number 5487-9010. This will take you to the secret lair of a wizard who possesses the Universal Solvent. You should be able to kill him easily enough.”

“How do you know all this?” Jack asks.

“I tried it myself once, but the wizard was too powerful for me. Understand, he is a master of ice magic, which my own magic could not conquer. But steel and fire should do the trick.”

“Very well,” says Perilous Jack. “I will do this and return.”

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