The Magic Beans – Page 42



And he finds one.

He rips the cork out with teeth already beginning to lengthen with the horrible transformation of lycanthropy and gulps down the greenish liquid, choking at the awful taste. The magic is effective, however. In seconds the pain of the Wolfwere’s venom subsides and the transformation is reversed. Shaky from his ordeal but undaunted, Jack rises and regards the Wolfweres who snarl from their vantage atop a nearby TowaShroom.

Jack draws a Potion of Healing and a Fire Flower from his pouch and drinks the potion down to seal the bleeding wound on his forearm. Jack displays the Fire Flower to the Ice Ogre, who has thus far watched in silence.  The Ogre spits in disgust and bellows at his Wolfwere pets in the Goblin tongue. The Wolfweres reluctantly retreat and follow their master into the shadows beneath the TowaShroom caps. Soon the howl of the Weres is a distant echo.

After nearly an hour of frustrating search, Jack locates the fallen Rune Sword and continues on his journey, lamenting the high cost of this encounter. His only consolation is that in his search of the area he finds six CacheStones, which yield six disks of StarSteel.

Remove a Potion of Antidote and a Potion of Healing from the Pouch of Ghrul and add six StarSteel. Turn to 28.