The Magic Beans – Page 39



“Do you have my Solvent?” the Druid asks.

Jack frowns and draws the Red Bead from his pouch, holding it up on his fingertips. “One last time, Druid. The Red Bead for the Magic Beans. I am no errand boy to step and fetch for the likes of you.” He turns his hand, revealing the Fire Flower he palmed when he drew out the Red Bead. “This is your alternative.”

The Druid looks at the Fire Flower uneasily, a look Jack can interpret, even from across the pool. The Druid fears fire more than any other power on earth.

“Perhaps I have been hasty,” the Druid says. He gestures, and the surface of the pool begins to bubble and froth. Great mats of vegetation rise from the floor of the pool, forming a series of solid-looking stepping stones across the surface. “Come across and we will make the exchange.”

If you think Perilous Jack should trust the Druid and cross the pool, turn to 77.

If you think he should swallow the Fire Flower and attack, turn to 80.