The Magic Beans – Page 32



Perilous Jack flings the Dancing Dagger of Danzibar at the nearest Wolfwere and draws the Rune Sword.

The Wolfweres advance, changing as they go into their hybrid forms, so they can better wield their powerful claws against the warrior.

The first Wolfwere is upon him sooner than he can react – the monsters are fast! – and he is driven back, only his hasty parrying with his blade keeping the snapping fangs from his throat. The Rune Sword glows ferociously, and as Jack struggles to break free, the blade brushes the side of the savage Wolfwere. The creature vents a terrible scream as the magic blade sears its flesh, and it falls back howling. There is no time to celebrate; already two more of the beasts are upon him.

Jack strikes one a stunning blow with his fist and thrusts at the second, sinking his blade deep into the Wolfwere’s belly. To his astonishment the creature’s savagery overcomes even the terrible pain inflicted by the magic blade, and it clamps down upon his sword arm with powerful jaws. Jack catches the Dancing Dagger as it returns and stabs the dying Wolfwere until finally the jaws relax in death. Yet the damage is done; the creature has bitten through the thin chain protecting his forearm and drawn blood. The surviving Wolfweres draw back and bare their fangs in triumphant grins, howling their exultation to the unnatural night.

Searing pain burns through his sword arm and he drops the Rune Sword, which disappears into the murk below the TowaShroom caps. The edges of his wound begin to glow with unnatural green light, and now the blood pouring from his wound is flecked with green foam. He scrabbles at his pouch, desperately seeking a Potion of Antidote . . .

If Perilous Jack has a Potion of Antidote, turn to 42.

If not, turn to 2.