The Magic Beans – Page 30



The rest of Jack’s journey to Foldoron Lake is uneventful.

As he and Tynplyt draw nearer, the Death Claw becomes erratic. It moves more slowly and with less spring in its walk. Soon the sound of grinding gears becomes apparent, and steam begins to bleed from the construct’s joints. On the shore of Foldoron Lake, the machine-man suddenly ceases to move. For a moment Jack is concerned that he will be trapped inside the Death Claw, but the release lever inside the hatch still functions. Jack examines the construct, but he is no engineer. There is nothing he can do to repair the machine. Leaving it to stand lonely vigil by the side of the lake, Jack proceeds on his adventure. The Druid’s Lair waits at the bottom of the lake.

If Jack has not already struck one of the Singing Stones at the bottom of the lake, he may do so now. Turn to 82.

If Jack has already struck one of the Singing Stones, or if you would rather just continue into the Druid’s Lair, turn to 10.