The Magic Beans – Page 18



Perilous Jack waits by the entrance to the GreenShaft, thick fabric tied around his head to protect his ears, while the Gigas gathers up Klickak and a sack of treasure and clambers up to his position.

When all is ready, the Gigas inhales deeply. He leans forward and bellows into the GreenShaft with all the rage and passion his enormous lungs can accommodate. The sound, terribly amplified by the metal shaft, shakes the very stones of the platform and drives Jack to his knees, even with his ears protected. The Giant Eagles on the far end are literally knocked off their perches and go fluttering in confusion and pain.

Jack leaps into the shaft and charges out into the open, sword and dagger in hand. He flings the Dancing Dagger of Danzibar at the nearest Eagle, still reeling from the incredible sound. The Dagger makes short work of the bird and returns to Jack’s hand, for the other Giant Eagle is well out of range. By this time the Hill Gigas has crawled through the GreenShaft and now stands, quavering in the twilight, Klickak and his sack of treasure clutched to his chest.

“Now, Stump!” cries Jack. The Gigas, remembering his role, lays his burdens down and takes up a huge chunk of broken masonry lying nearby. The remaining Giant Eagle, having regained some of his senses, swoops back toward the Gigas. With a cry of pure vindication, Stump flings his stone, shattering the Eagle’s skull.

With the guardians slain, Stump and Klickak are free. The Gigas grins and shakes Jack’s hand – carefully, so he doesn’t rip the warrior’s arm off. “Me remember you always. Good friend Perilous Jack. Someday me do you favor in return.”

“I accept,” says Jack. “And now you must go, before Xerxes and his Goblins can come to investigate.”

Stump nods heartily, and taking up Klickak and his treasure, leaps off the platform, taking care to crush a Goblin or two on the way down. He is over the Pyramid in a few bounds and off into the TowaShroom Forest before the last echoes of his roar have died.

Satisfied, Perilous Jack descends to the base of the Pyramid and turns himself again to the west.

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