The Magic Beans – Page 12



The rest of Jack’s journey to Foldoron Lake is uneventful.

Soon he stands at the edge of the lake, contemplating the watery depths. Here, it seems, is the perfect opportunity to test his new weapon! He secures the Rune Sword in the Pouch of Ghrul and girds the Coral Sword to his belt. He draws the magical blade and dives in.

Once in the water, the magic of the sword is readily apparent. First and foremost, he finds that he can breathe the water! But the true virtue of the sword is revealed when he engages a pair of Bottleglass Puffers. The blade swings unimpeded through the water and strikes as quickly and furiously as if he fought in air. After that first combat, the fish and jellies of the lake assiduously avoid him.

If Jack has not already struck one of the Singing Stones at the bottom of the lake, he may do so now. Turn to 17.

If Jack has already struck one of the Singing Stones, or if you would rather just continue into the Druid’s Lair, turn to 10.