The Magic Beans – Page 09



Jack doesn’t get far before another pyramid catches his eye.

There is considerable activity around it: men, Goblins, and Rust Birds. The latter seem keenly interested in the access tunnel near the peak of the Pyramid; an armed Barbarian keeps them at bay with his sword.

As Tynplyt approaches, a pair of Barbarians descend the pyramid and step into the construct’s path, eyes cold and wary. One man raises a hand, gesturing for the Death Claw to stop. Jack brings the machine-man to a halt and opens the hatch.

“You are unwise to detain me,” Jack says quietly.

One of Barbarians steps forward and lowers his weapon. “Our employer would barter with you for the machine you drive.”

Jack considers. “It isn’t exactly mine to barter with.”

The Barbarian favors him with an amused smile. “Our employer does not ask questions. Come, he is a master potioner, you will doubtless find something of interest.”

If you think Jack should enter the pyramid to meet the Barbarians’ mysterious employer, turn to 16.

If you think he should refuse and continue on to Foldoron Lake, turn to 30.