The Frost Potion – Page 43



Perilous Jack has made one serious miscalculation in choosing to ignore the Ogres – the Wolves and Worgs that escort them.

The wolf pack catches his scent on the wind and alerts their masters. In moments, Jack is in full flight, the howling pack at his heels. He emerges into a clearing dotted with platforms of FloatStone, and for a moment his spirits rise – with the Seven League Boots he can easily gain the heights of the floating platforms and gain the high ground. But here his second miscalculation reveals itself. The wolf pack was not merely giving chase; they were herding him.

Waiting for him among the FloatStone pillars are a pair of Ogre Magi and an Ogre Warrior, likely teleported ahead of Jack’s flight by the magic of the Magi. He is trapped, and with a pair of Ogre Magi among his enemies, he stands little chance of fighting his way out. He reaches into the Pouch of Ghrul for the Flake of the Eld-Star . . .

. . . too late. The huge clubs the Ogre Magi carry are engraved with magic runes, making them the equivalent of a human wizard’s staff. The Magi snarl commands in their harsh language, and Jack is suddenly wreathed in bands of mystic force, which bind his limbs in place. Then a pattern of dancing motes erupts before his face, lulling him, gently soothing his mind into peace . . .

. . . the last thing he thinks before he drifts off to sleep is that, should he ever wake up, it will likely be to find himself on a spit, rotating over a fire.


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