The Frost Potion – Page 35



Perilous Jack stands for a moment in silent introspection, contemplating what he has seen.

The mood is quickly shattered, however, as the Black Sword suddenly wriggles in his hand like a live snake. Startled, Jack drops the bloodstained weapon to the iron blocks of the platform. The Black Sword shatters, and among the shards a fine sword of bright steel is revealed. Jack stoops to pick up the weapon.

The handle and pommel are black, cool to the touch, and reminiscent of a bull’s horns in shape. The blade is of a radiant golden material unlike the common steel of the Long Sword he lost to the flames. Runes of Power briefly wink at him from the surface of the blade and fade again. Jack sheathes the new sword in the empty scabbard at his belt and whispers a prayer of thanks to the Lady of Plenty, who regards him solemnly from the flames.

For an instant longer, Perilous Jack gazes upon her radiance, and then he knows that he must linger no longer. How easy it would be to leap after his dead shadow and the purple axe, to sacrifice himself to Her flames . . .

Instead, he leaps across the gap to the third platform. Here a second Singing Stone hangs in the air, as out of phase as that which hovers over the Pit of the Red Orb. Jack pours a measure of Fairy Dust over the Stone, bringing it back in phase with whatever realm he currently stands in. With a single, longing glance back at beautiful Malkat, Perilous Jack strikes the Singing Stone with his StarSteel Hammer. The music washes over him, dissolving him, bearing him away . . .

On Jack’s Equipment Sheet, subtract one dose of Fairy Dust and note how many remain.

Remove the Black Sword from his list of equipment. Add the Rune Sword to his right hand and turn to 42.