The Frost Potion – Page 34



Perilous Jack leaps to the niche near the ceiling and unlocks the second treasure chest with the Gold Key given him by the Iron Golem.

Inside he discovers a second Scroll, rolled inside an ivory tube like the first. Rather than decaying parchment, this Scroll is written upon fine silvery silk. Evidently, the Guardian had more time available when he created this communication. Jack unrolls the Scroll and reads:

You that read these words, know that you are cursed. The Guardian of the Nightcrystal does not tread lightly, for his burden is great, neither is he long for this world, for all the powers of Darkness strive to relieve him of his terrible burden. Oh, the temptation to relinquish the prize they seek! But the Will of Merciful Tifar’et chooses you, and what is done by the Great God is done aright.

Wilt gaze upon it with thine own eyes, O Guardian? The sight will blast the undreaming mind, but to the mind that sleeps, it will be but a black and terrible nightmare – yet a nightmare from which the mind can yet waken. In the name of the Master you may pass through, into the perilous Realm of the Nightcrystal. Look upon it, for it is well that the Guardian should know what he guards – and why.

Master Cleric Fostor M’Bathia

9 Summermeet

The Year of the Broached Barrel

Alongside the Scroll, Perilous Jack discovers a handful of withered fruits lying in the corner of the treasure chest. They are Dreamfruit, which Jack knows will induce a state of waking slumber in any who eat them. In this state, the truth may be seen more clearly – illusions are dispelled, enchantments broken, fears calmed and distorting emotions soothed. Surely the Master Cleric referred to these fruits when he spoke of a ‘mind that sleeps’.

Perilous Jack tucks the Scroll, the Key, and the Dreamfruits into his Pouch and returns to the narrow passage behind the wall. Looking up, he examines the dormant Warp Portal again. In the name of the Master you may pass through, into the perilous Realm of the Nightcrystal . . .

Perilous Jack swallows the handful of Dreamfruit and waits for the mind-altering magic to take hold. When he begins to observe amorphous blue shapes dancing at the periphery of his vision, he leaps into the Warp Portal with the name Tifar’et upon his lips. The Warp Portal flashes scarlet and gold, and Perilous Jack is whisked away . . . into the perilous Realm of the Nightcrystal.

Add the Silver Scroll to the Pouch of Ghrul.

Turn to 4.