The Frost Potion – Page 30



In the town of Tucreed, Perilous Jack seeks out Rennid’s Rarities, the shop of Drao Rennid, his old adventuring companion.

“Hello, Jack!” Rennid cries as Jack enters the store. “Off on a new adventure?”

Jack grins at the Spriggan’s exuberant greeting. “Care to join me?”

Rennid shakes his head. “I would, but I am expecting the Wraithmist Brothers and their mercenary company to return from the Fire Swamp any day now. I’ve commissioned the brothers to harvest dusklanterns for me, and I have high hopes for them!”


Jack shakes his head in mock admonition. Fester and Squelch Wraithmist are perhaps unique among the world’s walking dead. Most Revenants are victims of betrayal and murder, and return from their own death murderously bent on revenge against those who wronged them. The Wraithmist brothers, however, were consummate thieves, tomb raiders, and con men, who apparently returned from death simply to carry on business as usual. Having mastered the Revenant’s art of commanding lesser undead, they formed a mercenary company of skeleton warriors and set about selling their swords before the first daisies could bloom on their grave-earth. “You keep strange company,” Jack says.

“None stranger than yourself,” Rennid replies lightly. “Now, what would you like to buy? Perhaps a Potion of Bane? Or a rare Dewberry Leaf?”

Jack considers. The Potion of Bane can be applied to a weapon – once only – to enhance the blade with a virulent poison which few save extremely magical creatures can withstand. It is a potent weapon and a costly one as well. As for the Dewberry Leaf, although it is out of his price range, he is curious . . .

“What exactly does a Dewberry Leaf do?”

The Spriggan’s eyes twinkle within the shadows of his hood. “The Dewberry Leaf,” he says with relish, “taken with a bit of animal hair, inflicts total but temporary lycanthropy. One may choose one’s animal form by selecting the appropriate animal hair during ingestion – thus one may become a werewolf or weretiger, a werebat, or even a werewombat.”

Jack laughs, shaking his head. “No thanks, I’ll stick to swords and shields.”

Rennid shrugs. “Suit yourself.”

“I’ll start with the Potion of Bane,” says Perilous Jack.

Jack can’t afford the Dewberry Leaf. Deduct 200 Gold from Jack’s treasure for the Potion of Bane.

Then purchase whatever other potions or items you can afford. Don’t hesitate to spend all of Jack’s gold – he will have plenty of opportunity to earn more treasure.

When you have finished making your purchases, make sure you record them on your Equipment Sheet.

Then turn to 20.