The Frost Potion – Page 03



The Warp Portal deposits Perilous Jack in a tiny room deep in the earth, with walls, ceiling, and floor of steel blocks.

The Portal immediately darkens after use, indicating that it cannot be used to leave. The only other features of the room, besides the pyramid of steel blocks on which the warrior stands, are two pyramids of similar stones, each supporting a huge Crystal.

The Crystals stand on end, supported by magical means. One is of golden, radiant material, the other dark and shadowy. Jack realizes that the Crystals are of the same material as the Bull’s Horns – shining brass and brooding purple-black stone. Indeed, each Crystal has a small alcove carved within, in the shape of a bull’s horn. Jack draws the Horns from his pouch and examines them closely, wondering which course of action is appropriate.

On the one hand, the Brass Horn, assembled with such labor, under such frustrating and difficult circumstances, from the curious brass tokens. The action required to assemble the Brass Horn seems so purposeless, so unnecessary, he cannot help but behold the object with a kind of loathing.

Yet, assembling the Brass Horn required no bloodshed, no death, only persistence.

On the other hand, the Black Horn, won after a fierce and ingenious combat, emblematic of the coveted power of the battle-axes. Jack imagines what it would be like to have the magical weapons serve him, to command the nigh-infinite legions of Minotaurs they are capable of creating.

The sense he receives from both Crystals is the same: complete me, and you shall be rewarded.

Perilous Jack stands firm, one Horn in each hand. He will obey the wishes of one of the Crystals.

If you think Perilous Jack should insert the Brass Horn in its Crystal, turn to 40.

If you think Perilous Jack should insert the Black Horn in its Crystal, turn to 9.