The Frost Potion – Page 24



Heartened by his solution of the token-puzzle, Perilous Jack continues until he enters a room with three RedShafts together in the corner.

Two of the shafts echo with the sound of hoofed warriors climbing the ladders mounted inside. Even as he engages a Minotaur atop a FloatSteel platform, two more emerge into the room.

Suddenly weary of this endless conflict with the Minotaurs, Jack flings the Dancing Dagger of Danzibar at the nearest of the beastmen and launches himself into battle, swiftly overpowering the newcomers. He finds with sick satisfaction that he has become quite adept at slaying these disorganized and reasonless foes. Their cursed weapons follow their corpses down the nearest pit. As he disposes of the bodies and their powerful yet frustratingly useless weapons, he notices two more steel chests, presumably full of brass tokens, upon pillars of steel. He leaves them unopened and leaps across to examine the RedShafts.

Two of the shafts contain ladders, leading deeper into the maze. The central shaft contains a Warp Portal, which is disappointingly dark and unresponsive. A pair of intertwined runes glows softly in the center of the opaque disk of energy capping the portal; Jack recognizes one of them in the rune carved upon the Brass Horn in his pouch. Clearly, a second artifact is required in order to pass this way. Suddenly weary unto death of the endless wandering and the seemingly pointless puzzles, Perilous Jack longs only to fling himself heedlessly into the portal in the hopes that it will carry him away, but it seems his wandering in this labyrinth will be prolonged.

Of the two shafts flanking the WarpShaft, one is dark and silent, the other faintly lit with an eerie glow and resonating with a distant hum and crackle from far below.

If you think Perilous Jack should venture down the shaft that glows, turn to 12.

If you think he should take the dark shaft, turn to 18.