The Frost Potion – Page 21


In the morning, Perilous Jack rises early and begins his preparations for the journey to the Plateau of the Endless, beginning with the weapons and tools he will need for a lengthy and dangerous quest.

First the Dancing Dagger of Danzibar, found in the tomb of a Skeleton Lord (see Perilous Jack and the Howling Tomb). The Dancing Dagger requires no wielder to fight; once it is released from its sheath, it will take to the air and attack unaided.

Then the fabled Seven League Boots, won in a dangerous game of cards with a Genie, with which he can make mighty leaps (see Perilous Jack and the Mystery of Marid Bay).

Then the Pouch of Ghrul, an eminently useful item Jack obtained from the corpse of an Egg Wizard whose sinister plots he foiled (see Perilous Jack and the Hero’s Forest). Though the Pouch appears to be an ordinary leather sack, meant to be worn at the belt as a purse, it is capable of containing far more material than its size would indicate. Jack has used the Pouch for years to collect otherwise burdensome treasures during his adventures.

Then the StarSteel Hammer, not a weapon but a tool used to open CacheStones. The Hammer was a gift to him from the grateful people of Frog Knoll, whose town he saved from a rampaging Earth Dragon (see Perilous Jack and the Mud Wizard).

He dons Chain Mail and girds his notched Long Sword to his belt. Into the Pouch go the Flake of the Eld-Star given to him by the Fairy Dragon and 800 Gold pieces to finance his journey. There are other tools he will need before setting off, which he can purchase in the nearby town of Tucreed.

Thus armed and equipped, Jack leaves instructions with the Manticores Festeguul and Grestia, and sets off toward town.

Add Jack’s starting equipment to his Equipment Sheet and turn to 30.