The Frost Potion – Page 20



After leaving the town of Tucreed, Perilous Jack sets off toward the northeast.

He doesn’t get far before a troubling sight catches his eye – just a glimpse, really, and perhaps with the sun in his eyes he has seen nothing more than an illusion – but Jack swears he just saw a blue-skinned Ogre Mage lumbering into a nearby forest of TowaShrooms, followed by a pair of Ogres and a pack of Wolves and Worgs. And the bundle thrown over the Ogre Mage’s shoulder – was it struggling?

Jack wavers for a moment in hesitation. Many the noble quest has been derailed by distractions such as this one, the hero so bogged down trying to save the world he fails to save the one person he set out to. But then again, the journey to the Plateau will occupy several days regardless. Perhaps the distant Princess can languish an hour longer; here is an innocent in need of immediate rescue.

If you think Jack should pursue the Ogres and try to rescue their prisoner, turn to 26.

If you think Jack should continue on his quest and ignore the Ogres, turn to 43.