The Frost Potion – Page 02


It seems clear that the curious white block must be struck in the manner of a CacheStone, in order to activate it’s power, but the block is so out of phase with reality that he doubts he will be able to do it without being tossed aside, into the Pit of the Red Orb.

Suddenly a number of ideas unite in his imagination, and he sees a way . . .

Perilous Jack knows that the Realm of Fairy lies alongside the earthly realm, out of phase with normal time and space, rendering it invisible, inaudible, immaterial. The so-called Doors to Fairy are not really doors at all; they do not transport the traveler from one place to another; rather they alter the phase-state of the traveler to coincide with that of the other realm. The block that hovers over the Pit of the Red Orb is likewise out of phase – and Jack reasons that although it may not be a thing of Fairy yet the phase-magic of Fairy may still affect it.

From the butterfly-wing pouch given him by Princess Isamu, he sprinkles a pinch of Fairy Dust over the block and stands back to observe. Slowly the vibration of the stone slows until the sound of its movement reaches a register his ears can detect. Although the stone never ceases to vibrate, its motion is now no longer that of an object caught between phases, but something more pleasing – music. Indeed, as he had earlier guessed, the stone is carved with several bars of music inscribed with the notes of a melody.

Now Perilous Jack recalls a dim legend from his childhood – that of the Singing Stones of Silberlee, crafted by a Fairy sculptor and musician whose name is since forgotten, in honor of the Fairy goddess Silberlee. The Singing Stones were scattered in an ancient war with the Dark Elves, and now most are lost.

At last, the melody settles into the correct balance of tone, pitch, and volume. Sensing the moment is right, Jack leaps across the Pit of the Red Orb and strikes the Singing Stone with his StarSteel Hammer. The stone emits a single note of such purity and beauty that Jack’s breath is taken away. The Red Orb shudders in apparent agony at the sound and silently collapses upon itself, slowly drifting downward into the Pit. The note gradually fades, replaced by the steady melody of before. It seems the way into the Labyrinth of Malkat is now clear.

Summoning all his courage, Perilous Jack leaps into the Pit of the Red Orb.

On Jack’s Equipment Sheet, subtract one dose of Fairy Dust and note how many remain.

Add the following to the Journal: The Singing Stones of Silberlee may be brought into phase with reality by sprinkling them with Fairy Dust.

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