The Frost Potion – Page 15


Perilous Jack wriggles his way out of the narrow tunnel, surprised at how difficult the progress is.

Only after he emerges does he realize why – his body is swelling with muscle. His limbs begin to lengthen, his thighs and biceps to bulge. He opens his mouth to cry out in surprise, but only a savage bellow emerges. Terrific pain grips his head; he reaches to feel for the injury and is shocked to find a pair of gleaming horns standing from his temples. Purple mist seems to swirl across the surface of his mind; he looks at the blade of his battle-axe, and sees the Rune of Power there. The lines and curves of the Rune briefly reveal their meaning – it is his own name, written in the calligraphy of the mages. Pain dances across the surface of his chest, and he knows that a second Rune has appeared in his skin, bonding him forever to the magical battle-axe in his hand. Suddenly nothing matters . . . though the laughter of the Bull-God echoes through the chamber, yet all is forgotten, all is useless. He will stalk the Labyrinth and kill intruders . . . he will never die, he will never, never die . . . he will never know that this is . . .


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