The Cloud Castle – Page 80


The best weapon to use against the undead is fire!

Jack swiftly draws a Fire Flower from his Pouch and pops the dried thing in his mouth. Immediately, his palms burn and itch with magical potential. As the Bone Dragon lunges, yellowed jaws hinging wide, Jack plants a fireball square in its mouth, driving it back.

“Don’t use fire in here!” a voice cries from the grate below.

Jack has already flung another fireball and cannot hear well. “What?”

“Subterranean gasses!” the voice replies. “There’s gravecloth everywhere; makes perfect tinder! You’ll consume us all!”

Too late; Jack has already flung a third, then a fourth fireball. The assault is enough; the Bone Dragon bursts into smoldering shards. Jack fans smoke and stink from his face and looks around the lair. Despite the captive’s warning, nothing seems to be ablaze.

Remove a Fire Flower and turn to 68.