The Cloud Castle – Page 69


Jack strikes repeatedly at the delivery bin door with his StarSteel Hammer.

The door is sturdier than he thought; he succeeds in denting it but little more. During his assault, the SnackMaster Vend-O-Tron X-9000 emits an unpleasant sounding chonk! Concerned that he might damage mechanisms necessary to dispense the Brass Key, Jack decides not to hammer on the SnackMaster Vend-O-Tron X-9000 anymore. He will have to find another way to get the Key.

If he hasn’t tried shaking the SnackMaster Vend-O-Tron X-9000 to dislodge the Brass Key and you think that’s a good idea, turn to 46.

If you think Jack should try operating one of the controls, turn to 115.

If you think Jack should try inserting a coin into the slot, turn to 78.