The Cloud Castle – Page 61


Now, at long last, Perilous Jack stands on the cusp of completing his quest.

This fact he knows in his bones – what lies beyond the magical barrier protecting the Green Pipe over his head is nothing less than his destiny. He draws a deep breath, tightens his grip on the Orb in his hand, and brushes his fingertips across the three red feathers embroidered in the Lorikeet Ribbon. His body becomes buoyant, and he rises into the air, Orb outstretched to touch the gleaming green barrier.

At their first touch, the Orb and the forcefield together flare into blinding green light, and then soundlessly they both vanish away. The entrance to the Green Pipe stands open before him; Jack can see the gleam of the Warp Portal concealed within. He draws his weapon and stretches forth his hand to touch the surface of the Portal . . .

Remove the Emerald Orb from the Pouch of Ghrul and turn to 140.