The Cloud Castle – Page 57


Calling upon the magic of the hero Gorodin, Jack leaps at the Naga with a fierce cry.

The snake-woman is startled by his bravado – usually her meals flee the embrace of her coils! Taken off-guard, she yet puts up a good fight, wrapping coil upon coil around Jack in an effort to crush the life from him. To no avail; Jack’s augmented strength is simply too much for her. Jack throws her coils off, hoists the Naga high, and leaps with her onto the upper platform.

As he prepares to dash her into the embrace of a nearby Air Elemental, the Naga cries out “I yield! Releasssse me, human, and you sssshall be rewarded.”

Jack considers. He has already bested her once today; he reasons he can do so again. He sets the Naga down and eyes her warily. “Well?”

The Naga shakes her head to clear it, then shudders and coughs up a sparkling stone. It is an Emerald! He examines it carefully, keeping one eye on the snake-woman in case she means to trick him. The Emerald glistens with her saliva, but it does not contain the telltale iridescence of Naga venom.

“There isss no poissson,” she sighs, sensing his thoughts. “My thanksss for your mercccy, human.” She slithers away into the dark.

Just to be sure, Jack sprinkles a drop of Antidote on the gem and then tucks it away into the Pouch of Ghrul.

Add an Emerald to the Pouch of Ghrul and turn to 24.