The Cloud Castle – Page 51


“I will slay you, as I slew your brother,” boasts Perilous Jack.

The Ogre Mage utters a low, evil laugh and gestures at the warrior to advance. As Jack steps forward, sword in hand, the Ogre utters a series of magical phrases, gestures mightily, and levels his club at Jack.

Suddenly a garland of dancing, whirling hoops of brilliant energy soars from the Ogre’s club and locks around Jack’s body. Try as he may, he cannot shift from the cage of energy thus created. The Ogre utters another spell, and now motes of brilliant light crackle and pop around Jack’s head – and he cannot help but stare in wonder, drawn deeper and deeper into the hypnotic dance of the crackling lights.

The display is beautiful, and he cannot help but think that the creature capable of creating it must be beautiful, too. He cannot remember now why he would have been advancing on Ghal-lul with his blade drawn – for the Ogre Mage is his friend, his trusted friend and master. Still staring at the stuttering lights, Jack hardly notices as the cage of energy fades around him. He sheathes his sword and slings his shield over his shoulder. The crackling motes of energy fade away, but their magic lingers.

Perilous Jack will fight boldly and true for many years to come, and he will undergo many perilous adventures on the way – but no longer to his glory, no longer for the advantage of Jack himself. For Perilous Jack has a new master now, a beloved master, who he will serve gladly and well – a master named Ghal-lul the Great. For Perilous Jack, a new adventure is beginning, but for Princess Vasilisa and the Lorikeet Guard, this is . . .


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