The Cloud Castle – Page 38


“I will fight you,” Perilous Jack says to Ghal-lul the Great.

The Ogre Mage roars with laughter and begins gesturing. Before Jack can approach near enough to attack, the Ogre Mage bellows out a string of magical phrases, unleashing a terrific onslaught of destructive magic in Jack’s direction. Blazing red and yellow meteors rain down from the clear sky, explosions of lightning detonate all around him, and rays of yellow and green energy strike from the clouds. The Ogre Mage cackles his laughter as the ruinous assault rains down upon the warrior – but he does not notice that Jack is unharmed.

Suddenly the onslaught ceases, and the Ogre stands gape-mouthed at the image of Perilous Jack, unharmed by the terrible magic. For a moment only does Ghal-lul the Great wonder at this curious turn of events – for in the next moment the Shield of Balance releases all the energy it has absorbed in a single crimson ray that defies the Sun with its brightness. The ray strikes Ghal-lul in the center of the chest and kills him instantly. Seeing their master so swiftly slain, the Winter Wolves retreat, bounding away across the TowaShrooms.

Perilous Jack searches the body of the Ogre Mage and finds, among many other treasures, a curiously shaped Silver Key, which he puts in his pouch.

Add 500 Gold, 750 Silver, a Diamond, 2 Rubies, 5 Emeralds, 2 Fire Flowers, a PowaShroom, 5 Potions of Healing, and the Silver Key to the Pouch of Ghrul.

Turn to 70.