The Cloud Castle – Page 32


When Jack opens his eyes again, he is first aware that he is lying supine, with the sensation of terrific heat on his back.

Is he in Hell? Did the Pit Fiend’s Blasphemy spell doom and damn him? He struggles to right himself, grimacing against the hot red light all around him. With a jarring shock, he suddenly realizes where he is – hovering only a few feet above the surface of a pool of lava! This must be Hell indeed!

A movement catches his eye; is it a demon? It must be; the monster has a humanoid body but flesh that glows and burns with cherry radiance like the fires of damnation. Through the haze, he catches a glimpse of green … and now the final piece clicks into place. He is not in Hell, he is still in the Hall of Lava! The magic of the Lorikeet Ribbon must have saved him when he blacked out.

The ‘demon’ – actually a Fire Elemental – draws nearer, and Jack realizes it is time to move. He touches the Ribbon again and draws himself upward, back to a solid block far from the lava floor.

After a few moments to steady himself, Jack determines to try another path – and avoid the gap in the ceiling!

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