The Cloud castle – Page 148


Perilous Jack pops the SpidaShroom in his mouth and feels the strange magic of the rare mushroom instantly take hold.

His fingertips tingle unpleasantly as tiny web spinners open in his flesh. He flexes his fingers to test the power, shooting strands of powerful, sticky webbing from his fingertips to attach to the Green Pipe.

Satisfied with his control over the power, he leaps from the Green Pipe, projecting a powerful strand of webbing from one hand, which anchors to the wall. He uses this strand to swing himself around in an arc, projecting strands ahead of him to attach to the walls and pull himself along faster. The lava begins to pour off the side of the Green Pipe, oozing down directly toward Layla’s head. Jack slings one more strand ahead of him and reels himself in, swinging toward the maiden at terrific speed.

They collide; he grasps her in his powerful arms, flings another strand ahead to pull them clear of the running lava. They pause for a moment, anchored together with webbing against the far wall of the chamber, watching the lava course down the side of the Green Pipe and over the pillar on which the warrior woman lately stood. She is panting with exhilaration; their eyes meet.

“By the gods!” she gasps. “You know how to rescue a woman in style.”

Jack grins and for an instant they gaze at each other, while the hellish light of the lava plays over their sweat-slicked faces. Their lips brush, the flames erupt from the mouth of the Green Pipe – and another flame is kindled as well. Their lips part reluctantly.

“I must free the Princess,” he whispers. He tightens his grip on her and pushes away from the wall, flinging web strands ahead to pull them in an arc away from the pouring lava. They connect with the partition dividing the machine pit from the lava-puddled floor, and Jack walks them up the side of the partition, using the web strands to pull them along. From the top of the partition, he swings them across the open pit with further strands until they are safe again in the room of Piranha Plants.

Jack has gone as far as he can on this level of the Castle; there is no way to move further than to enter the Warp Portal used by the Hell Hounds. He and Layla part here with many sad goodbyes. He leaves her with a weapon from his pouch and a promise to return as quickly as he can.

Remove the SpidaShroom and a spare weapon from the Pouch of Ghrul. If he has Giant’s Bane or Storm Fist, he’ll need it to face the Giant – so don’t give it away!

Make sure to check off the rescued Lorikeet’s name on the list in Jack’s Journal.

It looks like Jack has gone as far as he can on this level of the castle, and he has not found any pipes leading up. The Warp Portal that the Hell Hound emerged from seems to be his only option.

Turn to 60.