The Cloud Castle – Page 139


The enhanced strength granted by the artifacts of the fabled wrestler Gorodin is more than sufficient for Jack to violently shake the SnackMaster Vend-O-Tron X-9000 and even lift it from the ground.

The Brass Key – as well as many other items – tumble from their slots into the delivery bin. However, Jack has miscalculated. He has assumed that the SnackMaster Vend-O-Tron X-9000 is an inanimate object that will respond predictably to the application of his strength. Instead, the SnackMaster Vend-O-Tron X-9000 emits an animalistic growl, wriggles from his grasp, and topples over on top of Jack, crushing the life from his body.

As his life’s blood oozes across the floor, the SnackMaster Vend-O-Tron X-9000 clambers to its feet, purring like a cat. The delivery bin door opens, and a long tongue emerges to lick at the blood. A forest of flexible little tentacles sprouts from the interior of the machine and reassemble the fallen beverages, snacks, and toys, packing everything neatly back into their slots. The SnackMaster Vend-O-Tron X-9000 settles back into place to await its next victim.


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