The Cloud Castle – Page 137


Jack stows his hammer and shield so he can safely make the leap into the pit to finish off the wounded Illithid.

As he leaps, all he can think is how pleased he will be to rid the world of one more wicked monster. He smiles broadly as his feet leave the floor.

The pressure in his mind disappears like a bubble bursting, and reality crashes in. The image of the Illithid vanishes, and the grate opens. It is not a helpless wounded creature waiting for him at the bottom of the pit; it is a massive Blood Worm. He has been deceived, almost certainly by the mind-bending magic of an Illithid.

There is nothing he can do to stop what is coming; no time to draw his weapon. The Blood Worm’s blood-sucking tentacles have already latched into his body and are greedily slurping away his life. He falls directly into the mouth of the monster. The grate slams shut over his head. He is trapped!


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