The Cloud Castle – Page 130


Jack swings the StarSteel Hammer toward the glass door of the SnackMaster Vend-O-Tron X-9000.

At the last second, when it is far too late for Jack to stop the arc of his hammer, the glass shimmers and changes texture, transforming into an opaque, sticky goo. The StarSteel Hammer – and Jack’s forearm – plunge into the sticky, spongy material. A forest of eyeballs sprouts from the milky surface that was once a glass door, and Jack realizes the SnackMaster Vend-O-Tron X-9000 is alive!

Despite his exceptional strength, Jack cannot pull his arm free. Pain begins to build in his trapped limb, and he realizes the adhesive bonding him is also a digestive acid. He is going to be dissolved alive! The pain increases, and Jack can tell that his hand is gone. The machine’s gooey “mouth” sucks hard, drawing the rest of his arm inexorably into the acidic slime. His face and torso adhere; his left hand, flailing for purchase on the solid edge of the SnackMaster Vend-O-Tron X-9000, slips and joins them in the digestive morass.

He has never before seen a creature that wore its stomach on the outside. Now, with his face dissolving and death soon to follow, it seems clear he will never see anything again.


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