The Cloud Castle – Page 13


These are the first Piranha Plants Jack has encountered in the Cloud Castle, and he wonders if they may conceal a secret.

While traveling toward the Plateau of the Endless, Jack befriended the reclusive wizard and alchemist Garrulon, who gave him a Vial of Pheromone to obtain Magic Beans from Garrulon’s twin brother, the druid Nolurrag. Each dose of Pheromone is capable of enticing Piranha Plants from their lairs.

Bracing himself for a stampede, Jack draws the dauber from the Vial and uses it to trace a line across the floor and up the wall of the far side of the room. Hardly is the Vial sealed again before the surviving Piranha Plants are wriggling from their burrows. They come at him like snakes slithering across the floor. It takes some fancy footwork and the full complement of the jumping powers of the Seven League Boots to get past the huge carnivorous plants and attain the safety of a high platform.

While the Piranha Plants are busy snuffling at the Pheromone, Jack inspects the Pipes and is rewarded! The tallest Pipe in the floor contains a Warp Portal.

He’s come this far, and it’s unlikely the Piranha Plants will remain enthralled with the Pheromone forever. Jack jumps in!

Remove a dose from the Vial of Pheromone and turn to 127.