The Cloud Castle – Page 122


Jack thrusts his hand through the delivery bin door to retrieve the Brass Key.

Just before it happens, it suddenly occurs to Jack how vulnerable his hand is inside a machine that could contain any kind of trap imaginable. Too late! As soon as Jack’s fingers curl around the Brass Key, a concealed guillotine, triggered by the raising of the delivery bin door, drops and severs his sword hand at the wrist. Jack staggers back, clutching at the wound, and the delivery bin door slams shut, locking tightly. Getting the Key will be nearly impossible now – but that doesn’t matter. Jack can probably stop the bleeding with a tourniquet so he doesn’t bleed out, but no amount of healing potion can regenerate a severed hand. Fighting left-handed, Jack might be able to make it out of the castle alive – maybe. But this adventure is over.


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