The Cloud Castle – Page 120


“I can use the Bridge of Shadows to drop you off at Windflower Palace,” Simon offers.

At the princess’s delighted squeal, he turns and begins his preparations.

Layla’s face turns stormy. “Your Highness, this is unsafe.”

“Come with us,” Jack says quickly, then blushes at her attention. “I mean, with you, me, Sela-Ffionath, and Dark Simon together, Her Highness will be well protected.”

Layla glances at Dalal, who offers a nod. “Windflower Palace cannot have drifted far since we have been away,” Dalal says. “Even with the loss of an eagle, we will catch up to Windflower quickly.”

“Very well,” Layla sighs. “Carry us away, dark wizard.”

Dark Simon finishes his preparations, and the Bridge of Shadows rises around them like a whirlwind of black feathers. The whirlwind increases and with a sudden, stomach-lurching whoomp, carries them off at tremendous speed toward their destination.

Congratulations! You’ve wisely and bravely guided Perilous Jack through countless dangers and rescued the princess! You’ve proven yourself a true champion of justice and a true friend to Princess Vasilisa. Now the real challenge awaits: to save the world itself from the menace of the Nightcrystal!

But there might be a detour along the way …

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