The Cloud Castle – Page 11


Dark Simon peers at Jack’s chest, where the Tin Whistle hangs from its chain.

“Jack, is that the Whistle of Pengarn?”

Jack shrugs. “It belonged to the Giant. When he blew the whistle, Wyverns came and attacked me.”

Simons eyes widen. “Jack, those are the Wyverns of Pengarn! You have the Whistle; that means you command them now! Every time you blow that whistle, three Wyverns will come. They’ll fly you, the princess, and anyone else to Windflower Island. The Wyverns of Pengarn can certainly carry more than one rider.”

At the princess’s delighted squeal, Jack shrugs and prepares to blow the Whistle.

Layla’s face turns stormy. “Your Highness, this is unsafe.”

“Come with us,” Jack says quickly, then blushes at her attention. “I mean, with you, me, and Sela-Ffionath, Her Highness will be well protected.”

Layla glances at Dalal, who offers a nod. “Windflower Palace cannot have drifted far since we have been away,” Dalal says. “Even with the loss of an eagle, we will catch up to Windflower quickly.”

Layla doesn’t look thrilled, but she nods her assent. Jack blows the Whistle, and the Wyverns appear, stooping at Jack’s command to allow the riders to board. In moments, they are airborne, on their way back to Windflower Palace!

Congratulations! You’ve wisely and bravely guided Perilous Jack through countless dangers and rescued the princess! You’ve proven yourself a true champion of justice and a true friend to Princess Vasilisa. Now the real challenge awaits: to save the world itself from the menace of the Nightcrystal!

But there might be a detour along the way …

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