The Cloud Castle – Page 09


While crossing the Plateau of the Endless in search of the Pyrohydra who guarded the entrance to this castle, Jack confronted a demonic horse and its herd of carnivorous followers terrorizing a clan of Nagas.

With their aid, Jack slew the demon horse and dispersed the rest. In gratitude, the Nagas presented him with the Cloak of S’liss, a token of friendship among the Naga people.

Jack draws the Cloak from the Pouch of Ghrul and fingers the snakeskin garment with a mixture of fascination and revulsion. He dons the Cloak and bows low to the Silver Naga. She utters a sibilant hiss which he prays is friendly.

“You cheat me of a meal, human,” she hisses. “Sssstill, the Cloak would not sssuffer an imposssstor. You may passss unharmed.”

“My thanks, noble Naga,” Jack replies, and continues on his way, keeping a wary eye on the Naga … just in case. The Naga slithers away on her own errand, and Jack releases a sigh of relief. He stows the Cloak again.

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