The Cloud Castle – Page 07


The SnackMaster Vend-O-Tron X-9000 is quite large and heavy. Strong as he is, Jack cannot manage to shake it much. His efforts do not dislodge the Brass Key, but as he is feeling around for the best grip, he discovers a red button on the bottom of the machine. When he presses the Red Button, the Red Light illuminates, and the machine emits a soft click as if a mechanism locked into place.

It doesn’t seem to Jack that shaking the machine is going to accomplish anything else.

If he hasn’t tried breaking into the SnackMaster Vend-O-Tron X-9000 with the StarSteel Hammer and you think that’s a good idea, turn to 81.

If you think Jack should try operating one of the controls, turn to 115.

If you think Jack should try inserting a coin into the slot, turn to 78.