Volume Two: The Magic Beans

In the previous volume, Perilous Jack and the Frost Potion, Perilous Jack returned home from an adventure to discover Phaerinzanzi Bolibombi Barizolim Abimbola, a fairy dragon, awaiting him in his castle. Phae had disturbing news for him: Princess Vasilisa, a longtime friend of Perilous Jack and Associates, has been abducted by a Cloud Giant! The Giant’s castle is somewhere in the fabled Cloud Kingdom high over Malkat, accessible only by powerful magic – or by climbing a huge Beanstalk! But growing a Beanstalk requires Magic Beans, and before Jack can even consider planting them, he must overcome the guardian of the Giant’s castle – a terrible Pyrohydra!

But as everyone knows, when you cut off a Hydra’s head, two more grow in its place. Hercules used a torch to seal off the cut necks of the Lernaean Hydra, but that trick will not work on a creature of flame . . .

Only a Frost Potion can help Jack past the guardian of the castle. And the only Frost Potion for miles is in a monster-haunted labyrinth, under the guardianship of the terrible Bull God. A most perilous adventure!

If you have made it this far, then you have triumphed over the Bull God and obtained the Frost Potion Jack needs to subdue the Pyrohydra. Now the next challenge awaits: obtaining Magic Beans!

Before you begin this adventure, don’t forget to copy over any treasure, equipment, or special items you gathered in Perilous Jack and the Frost Potion. You can add them to the Equipment Sheet in this book. And don’t forget to check Jack’s Journal from the first volume. There may be unsolved mysteries written there . . .

Now let’s begin the next adventure. When last we saw Perilous Jack, he had just met with Dark Simon and Serra the True to share what he learned in the Labyrinth of Malkat. And here Jack learned the terrible truth about the Nightcrystal – as long as it remains shattered, the darkness will continue to spread over all of Malkat. The Wizard Council of Saîd has learned that one of the Shards is to be found on the Plateau of the Endless, where Jack was bound in his quest to rescue Princess Vasilisa.

But first he must visit the lair of a Druid, the entrance of which is hidden at the bottom of Foldoron Lake. There he will barter, bargain – or fight! – for Magic Beans.

Read Perilous Jack and the Magic Beans here.